Greatest Shooters Ever?

In a game against the Orlando Magic this week, Steph Curry dribbled circles around Ersan Ilyasova and then hit a ridiculous step-back three. This shot gave Curry 300 three-pointers this season and he is on pace to hit another hundred. In the wake of Curry’s last couple of seasons, we are hearing many references to […]

No one will be breaking Stockton's record.

The NBA’s Unbreakable Record: John Stockton

Numbers Updated April 2017 Unbreakable records. In Major League Baseball it’s Cal Ripken’s consecutive games streak. In the NFL it’s Emmitt Smith’s 18,355 career rushing yards. It seems like every league has an unbreakable record, one that will stand for decades if not forever. So what is the NBA’s unbreakable record? Jabbar’s 38,387 career points? […]

All-time greatest players

NBA at 70: The NBA’s Greatest Players

When I was in High School, the NBA celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary by selecting the NBA’s Greatest Players. I was fascinated with this team. My parents got me a beautiful NBA at 50 book that I poured over and learned about all the NBA greats. After this season, the NBA will be celebrating it’s 70th Anniversary. […]