The Water Cooler

Most Overpaid and Underpaid Players

On the radio today I heard that the Jazz’s very own Joe Johnson has the second highest career earnings of any Forward in NBA history at $210,061,971. Johnson is primarily […]

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Legend Grows 2016-17 All-NBA Team

The 2016-17 NBA season is in the books and we have a large number of players deserving of All-NBA recognition. First Team G-Russell Westbrook, Thunder Westbrook had been a total […]

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West All Stars are loaded

First Quarter West All-Star Team

The NBA season is a quarter of the way completed and once again the West All-Star team is going to be loaded. Kobe and Duncan’s retirements and Dirk’s health leave […]

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2015-16 Regular Season Awards

This season has given us much to cheer for and much to talk about. In this historic season, Legend Grows honors the best of the best with its regular season […]

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Just How Good Is Karl-Anthony Towns

Try this one on for size. With so much being made of Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors, and the San Antonio Spurs this season (and rightfully so), we may […]

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Start a Franchise with Any NBA Player

Age, upside, ticket sales, winning, and entertainment value…if you could start a franchise with any NBA player,¬†what would your¬†draft board look like. Here’s my top 10 along with the reasons […]

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