The Water Cooler

Russell Westbrook: Historical Comparisons

I about blew a gasket the other day when I read that Russell Westbrook is averaging more rebounds per game (10.5) this season than Karl Malone (10.1) did in his […]

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Statistically Elite

  What players are statistically elite? Last season, Steph Curry had an amazing season, one of the finest ever, and barely enters the conversation of the statistically elite. In looking […]

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Who’s Your Favorite Player?

I began really collecting basketball cards in 1989. I still remember opening up my first pack of 1989-90 NBA Hoops cards. I really wanted to pull a David Robinson rookie […]

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No one will be breaking Stockton's record.

The NBA’s Unbreakable Record: John Stockton

Unbreakable records. In Major League Baseball it’s Cal Ripken’s consecutive games streak. In the NFL it’s Emmitt Smith’s 18,355 career rushing yards. It seems like every league has an unbreakable […]

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Top 10 in the Last 35 Years

I’ve always found it difficult to compare players from different eras.  The game has evolved so much, the speed, athleticism, style, rules, and strategies have all changed so much.  How […]

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