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The Jazz owe a huge debt of gratitude to Joe Johnson

Jazz fans owe Joe Johnson a Debt of Gratitude

Dirk Nowitzki just became the 6th member of the NBA’s 30,000 Point Club, which is phenomenal for him and we should give him his due, but Jazz fans should be keenly […]

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Gordon owes a debt of gratitude to Joe Johnson

How Good has Gordon Hayward been this Season?

For the first time since Deron Williams the Utah Jazz have an NBA All-Star. The Jazz are also currently sitting in the 4th spot in the Western Playoff race and […]

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Who’s the All-Star, Hayward or Gobert?

We are already more than one-third into the NBA season and the All-Star break will be here before we know it. Not only are the Utah Jazz in position to […]

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Jazz Defense: The New Sexy

In a league filled with Russell Westbrook’s triple-doubles, James Harden’s eye-popping offensive production, Lebron James’ explosive drives, Kevin Durant’s efficiency, and Steph Curry and Klay Thompson’s shooting barrages, the new […]

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West All Stars are loaded

First Quarter West All-Star Team

The NBA season is a quarter of the way completed and once again the West All-Star team is going to be loaded. Kobe and Duncan’s retirements and Dirk’s health leave […]

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The Time has Come for Jazz Fans

Imagine a Jazz starting 5 with perfect balance: scoring on the wings, outside shooting, length, quickness, multiple rim protectors, no egos, and an elite defensive unit. Imagine a deep bench […]

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What’s the Point?

Welcome to the Utah Jazz, George Hill. The Jazz traded the 12th pick in tonight’s draft for veteran George Hill from the Indiana Pacers in a three-team deal. Hill is […]

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2015-16 Legend Grows 2-Guard Rankings

The 2-Guard is typically viewed as a scoring position, but is also a position full of two-way stars and defensive specialists. This position was the easiest to determine who was […]

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