Super Team of all Super Teams

Legend Grows 2017-18 NBA Season Preview

Soon the wildest off-season in NBA history will come to an end. Seven All-Stars switched teams including Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas, Gordon Hayward, Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Paul Millsap, and Chris Paul (I realize Paul was snubbed last year, but I’m counting him as an All-Star) and that doesn’t count former MVP, Derrick Rose, or […]

Third times a charm in these Finals.

Finals Preview: Who Takes the Tie-Breaker?

After perhaps the least competitive NBA Playoffs in NBA history, the 12-0 Golden State Warriors and the 12-1 Cleveland Cavaliers will meet in the Finals for the third consecutive season. In 2014-15, the Cavs lost Kevin Love to a separated shoulder (thanks to Kelly Olynyk) and then lost Kyrie Irving in Game 1. In a […]


Is Lebron already better than Jordan?

Tonight Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers resume their title defense in Boston against the top-seeded Boston Celtics. Lebron is in the midst of one of the most impressive Playoff runs in NBA history. In leading the Cavs to a perfect 8-0 record in the first two rounds, Lebron has averaged 34.4 points, 9 rebounds, and […]

Lebron James just keeps hitting scoring milestones
Without a healthy Durant the Warriors are vulnerable

Without a Healthy Durant the Warriors are Vulnerable

When Kevin Durant signed with the Warriors and Lebron James decided he was going to continue to play basketball, it was forgone conclusion in most experts’ minds that we would get a third straight installment of a Warriors-Cavs in the Finals this year. I was among those predicting that rematch. However, injuries are always the […]


High Mileage, High Performance

Last night Lebron James completed his second 40+ point game in as many games to force a Game 7 in Oakland. Lebron joined Shaq (2000), MJ (1993), Rick Barry (1967), and Jerry West (1965 and 1969) as the only players to score 40+ points in back-to-back Finals games. The difference is mileage. Lebron James is […]


Lebron is not MJ

Lebron James is NOT Michael Jordan. His Finals record is 2-4 (maybe 2-5 soon) and not MJ’s perfect 6-0. He does not have the cutthroat finishing skills that MJ had. His jumper is not as consistent as MJ’s was. And he is living under a microscope constantly being compared to the greatest basketball player of […]


A Memorable NBA Season

The 2015-16 Season has been memorable and historic in many ways. Here are my Top 10 Statistical Highlights from this season: Dual Dominance.  This season has featured two historically dominant teams in the Warriors and the Spurs, neither of whom has lost a home game. With 63 wins with 7 games remaining, the Spurs should […]


Blatt’s Firing: Lebron’s Fault?

Lebron James cannot win, period. Lebron has no public vices. He doesn’t have a gambling problem like Barkley and Jordan did. He’s not out driving drunk like Ty Lawson. He is not punching out staff-members and breaking his hand like Blake Griffin. He doesn’t tear down the freeway at over 100 MPH like Jahlil Okafor. […]