The Water Cooler

Legend Grows 2016-17 All-NBA Team

The 2016-17 NBA season is in the books and we have a large number of players deserving of All-NBA recognition. First Team G-Russell Westbrook, Thunder Westbrook had been a total […]

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West All Stars are loaded

First Quarter West All-Star Team

The NBA season is a quarter of the way completed and once again the West All-Star team is going to be loaded. Kobe and Duncan’s retirements and Dirk’s health leave […]

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MVP Watch

Choosing this year’s MVP is going to be tough. This season has been full of remarkable performances so far. In fact, currently there are nine players averaging at least 26 […]

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Start a Franchise with Any NBA Player

Age, upside, ticket sales, winning, and entertainment value…if you could start a franchise with any NBA player,¬†what would your¬†draft board look like. Here’s my top 10 along with the reasons […]

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2015-16 Legend Grows Power Forward Rankings

Putting together these Power Forward rankings reminded me of how deep this position is. The old guard–Duncan, Gasol, Dirk, and Bosh are being replaced by new blood in Davis, Griffin, […]

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Legend Grows Player Power Rankings

These pre-season rankings are based on likelihood of winning MVP in the 2015-16 season. Because this is the criteria, I will be considering individual statistics and performance, but also team […]

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