Would you Rather

Would you Rather 2nd Edition…

My first Would You Rather article was very popular, so I figured that I would give another set of would you rather scenarios this offseason since there isn’t much to write about right now. So here goes…. Would you rather, stay in one city, with one franchise your entire career, enjoy some individual honors and […]

NBA star Hayward would be the next in a line of talented players to leave a small market team in favor of a potential super team.

Gordon, It’s Okay…You can go.

Dear Gordon, When last I wrote you, I tried to convince you to stay in Utah. Really when it came down to it, I was begging you to stay in Utah out of my selfishness and begging for a delusional sense of loyalty. Really those are the only reasons I can point to as to […]


So, This is the New NBA?

Shaq started it, Lebron opened the door, and Durant swung the door off its hinges and just like that the NBA world will never be the same. NBA purists like me long for the days when star players stayed with one franchise and influenced their teams to build around them. Cousy, Russell, West, Dr. J, […]


What’s next for Lebron and the Cavs?

So last night the Cavs went the way of all the NBA and, despite winning a single game where they were record-setting hot from downtown, got obliterated by the Golden State Warriors in the Playoffs. I find it hard to believe that Lebron will be content bringing back the same Cavs team to go at […]


Open Letter to Gordon Hayward

Dear Gordon- Everybody is talking about it, “will he stay or will he go?” Every team in the league would love to have you and as Jazz fans we know it. We don’t take you for granted and we know you have a tough decision to make. We understand that Boston is calling you. They […]


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