The Water Cooler

How Many Titles Can Lebron Win in Cleveland?

Last week Amin ElHassan and Ethan Strauss of ESPN discussed a recent poll about how many titles Lebron James will win in Cleveland. 97% of people who weighed-in believed that […]

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All-time greatest players

NBA at 70: The NBA’s Greatest Players

When I was in High School, the NBA celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary by selecting the NBA’s Greatest Players. I was fascinated with this team. My parents got me a beautiful […]

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Does Lebron James do More with Less than other NBA Legends?

Lebron James has been subject to some criticism because of his recently acquired 2-4 Finals record. A certain Lebron James apologist has made the argument that Lebron has a 2-4 […]

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What Do James Harden’s 715 Free Throws Tell Us?

In the 2014-15 season James Harden made 715 Free Throws. This total represents the 12th highest total made by any NBA player in the 74 year history of the league. It’s also […]

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Top 10 in the Last 35 Years

I’ve always found it difficult to compare players from different eras.  The game has evolved so much, the speed, athleticism, style, rules, and strategies have all changed so much.  How […]

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Steph Curry, the Greatest Long Distance Shooter Ever

Now when I write that Steph Curry is the greatest long distance shooter ever, I do not make such a claim lightly.  I love the 3-point shot.  I grew up […]

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The 20,000 Point-8,000 Rebound-5,000 Assist Club

On Twitter recently, I saw a meme giving tribute to the 5 players in NBA history to accumulate 20,000 points, 8,000 rebounds, and 5,000 assists in their careers: Havlicek, Jabbar, […]

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All-Time 12 Man Roster

If you could put together the greatest team of players in their prime from any era to play one season together who would you choose?  In this hypothetical, it is about […]

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The All-Never-an-All-Star Team

Much has been made over the years about the NBA’s best players never to be named to an All-Star Game. Here is my starting 5 on that team. On my […]

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