The Water Cooler

The Time has Come for Jazz Fans

Imagine a Jazz starting 5 with perfect balance: scoring on the wings, outside shooting, length, quickness, multiple rim protectors, no egos, and an elite defensive unit. Imagine a deep bench […]

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Lebron James just keeps hitting scoring milestones

Milestones for LBJ, Dirk, and Curry

The upcoming 2016-17 NBA season could see some big milestones for a few players. Here are a few of the highlights. If Steph Curry can manage to hit “just” 396 more […]

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Legend Grows Summer NBA Power Rankings

After a wild summer of free agency moves, trades, and the draft, and as the dust settles on another successful Olympic basketball gold, the NBA Power Rankings look very different. When […]

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Statistically Elite

  What players are statistically elite? Last season, Steph Curry had an amazing season, one of the finest ever, and barely enters the conversation of the statistically elite. In looking […]

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The USA’s New Dream Team?

The Dream Team. Everyone knows who they are. When the Olympic Committee first allowed professionals to compete in basketball in the 1992 Barcelona Games, the World was introduced to the […]

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The Tim Duncan Rule of REst

Tim Duncan’s Legacy

Tim Duncan has retired from basketball after 19 amazing seasons with the Spurs. He walks away with five titles, three Finals MVP trophies, and two MVP trophies. He has won […]

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Durant is a Coward

Durant is a coward. There are big free-agent signings and then there are historic free-agent signings. Kevin Durant’s signing in Golden State goes down as one of the hugest free-agent […]

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The Bandwagon

Written By: Ty Carter My dad would approach me every fall with the schedule and say “Pick 8 games.” Back then you could buy 8-game mini-plans and pick any eight […]

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The Best and Worst Draft Classes

Tonight is the NBA Draft. Many of the experts are saying that this is a top heavy draft with two franchise changers at the top of the draft and a […]

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What’s the Point?

Welcome to the Utah Jazz, George Hill. The Jazz traded the 12th pick in tonight’s draft for veteran George Hill from the Indiana Pacers in a three-team deal. Hill is […]

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