The Water Cooler

The NBA All-Villain Team

With everybody’s favorite villain hanging them up at the end of this season, who will assume Kobe’s role as the NBA’s villain? Fans all over the country loved hating Kobe. […]

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What Does a Unanimous MVP Vote Really Mean?

I am a huge Steph Curry fan. What the man can do on a basketball court is magical. In my mind anyone who is still hating is doing so at […]

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Welcome Back Steph Curry, We Missed You!

Steph Curry returned from injury last night after not playing for 3 weeks. He dropped 40 points and broke the NBA record with 17 points in overtime to proclaim to […]

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Dwyane Wade is the Bill Clinton of the NBA

I recently wrote an article about how Kobe Bryant is the Donald Trump of the NBA. Now we have another athlete that is acting like a politician. The words are […]

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The Cavs look unbeatable in the Playoffs.

Unbeatable Cavs Dominating Playoffs

While most NBA fans and experts following the Playoffs expected the Cavs to advance to the Eastern Finals, I don’t know how many anticipated the complete and utter domination in […]

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Are Today’s NBA Players Soft?

I recently played in a High School Alumni basketball tournament. We played 4 games in a 24 hour period. Luckily we didn’t have to play through the Consolation Bracket, where […]

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