2015-16 All-NBA Teams

The NBA is loaded with talent these days and there are lots of players that are going to be left off my All-NBA Teams this season. It makes me that much more grateful for Steph Curry, the only player that cannot be disputed as a 1st Teamer. Everyone else on the list could be debated. Should Draymond Green deserve to be 1st team over Kawhi, Lebron, or Durant? Pick any two of those four on the first team and I couldn’t argue that they weren’t deserving. The Center position is a mess and we are left to choose from Cousins, perhaps the most talented Center in the league, but is the most dysfunctional on a dysfunctional team, Drummond, Horford, Jordan, and Towns. It seems several Forwards, like Aldridge and Green, could be slated as Centers that would be more deserving. Maybe someday they will change these awards to the same format as the two-backcourt, three-frontcourt lineup used for All-Star games. So, knowing that no team is going to be able to recognize all those deserving of recognition, this is what my All-NBA Teams looks like.

1st Team

G-Steph Curry
Should be unanimous MVP for reasons well documented. The Warriors breaking the All-Time wins record only made an easy decision that much easier.

G-Russell Westbrook
18 Triple-Doubles and a statline, when translated for pace, is something even the Big O would envy.

F-Kawhi Leonard
The best two-way player in the game and best player for the team that would have been the best in the league in any other season.

F-Lebron James
Carried a heavy load for first place Cleveland all season long. I have a feeling this will be Lebron’s last 1st Team selection.

C-Draymond Green
Plays Center in the feared small ball line-up, the first player in NBA history with 1000/500/500/100/100 was too good this season to not make the 1st Team.

2nd Team

G-Chris Paul
Carried the Clips with Griffin out and continues to be one of the top floor generals in the league.

G-Kyle Lowry
Led Toronto to a #2 seed with stellar stats and steady leadership.

F-Kevin Durant
64 straight 20+ point games on his way to 28.2 PPG. Seems crazy for how good he has been this year that he is the odd man out.

F-LeMarcus Aldridge
After a slow start, LA adjusted nicely to Spurs system and despite the “Spurs statistical discount” he set a career high for FG%, typical Spur.

C-Andre Drummond
Led the league in rebounds from start to finish and became a reliable post scorer for the Playoff-bound Pistons.

3rd Team

G-Damian Lillard
Led the new-look Blazers with low expectations to a 5 seed in the West while doing more than ever.

G-Isaiah Thomas
Became the indisputable leader of the resurgent Celtics by averaging more points (22.2) than any 6-foot-and-under-player other than Hall of Famer, Nate “Tiny” Archibald.

F-Klay Thompson
The “other Splash Brother” put up the 3rd best three-point shooting season ever as a key cog for the record-setting Warriors.

F-Paul Millsap
The best player for the Hawks who, despite all of his Hawks teammates taking a step backwards from last year, led the Hawks to homecourt advantage in the first round.

C-DeAndre Jordan
The best defensive and defensive rebounding Center who picked up the slack with Griffin out and keeping the Clippers relevant.

Paul George, DeMar DeRosen, James Harden, DeMarcus Cousins, Rajon Rondo, Karl-Anthony Towns, John Wall, Anthony Davis, Dirk Nowitzki

My last spot was between Thomas and DeRosen and the Celtics have been too good this year to not score an All-NBA selection. Harden and George were the toughest to leave off, but George’s hot start fizzled and his Pacers just squeaked into the playoffs and Harden’s heavy offensive load resulted in an almost unwatchable Rocket offense and translated into no D on the other side for an underachieving Rockets team. Rondo and Cousins each had stellar seasons, but are contributing factors to the dysfunction on the most dysfunctional team in the league. Towns, Wall, and Davis had solid seasons but played on Non-Playoff teams, which don’t generate many All-NBA selections. Dirk’s numbers are inferior for these teams, but his leadership in leading an overachieving Mavs team almost lifted him onto the 3rd Team.

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