I am Running out of Words for Steph Curry!

Is there anyone you would pick over Curry to start your franchise?
His #NBArank of #23 All-Time is looking more outdated every day.

I am running out of words for Steph Curry. Curry is in the midst of one of the greatest runs in NBA history and he just keeps rolling. Since the beginning of last season, the Warriors are a startling 99 games above .500 at an astounding 119-20. Curry is shooting 51.3% from the floor, 46.1% from three, and 91.2% from the line. If he keeps up this pace, he would join one of the more exclusive clubs in NBA history the 6 member 50-40-90 Club.

Curry will likely become the seventh member of this exclusive club, joining some of the greatest shooters in NBA history, Larry Bird, Mark Price, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant. Other players have hit those thresholds, but not shot enough shots to qualify under the NBA’s official statistical standards. Those players are Steve Kerr, Dana Barros, Mario Ellie, Jason Kapono, Jon Barry, Kyle Korver, Meyers Leonard, Danny Ferry, and Jose Calderon. To hit these levels you must be a truly elite shooter.

What Steph Curry is doing this year, is truly unprecedented. Conventional wisdom states that with shooting, the higher the volume, the lower the efficiency. Most of these players shot these high percentages as specialist and in low volumes. Sure, Bird, Durant, and Nowitzki shot high volumes from the floor, but Curry is hitting these percentages at volumes never before seen in the 50-40-90 Club. Curry’s current 30.4 PPG average would be the best ever in a 50-40-90 season, besting Bird’s 29.9 and Durant’s 28.1. His Effective Shooting Percentage is 63.9%. The highest in any prior 50-40-90 season was 59.7% by Steve Nash in 2007-08. Curry is on pace to make 400 three pointers. The most Three Pointers attempted  in a 50-40-90 season was 381 by Steve Nash in 2007-08. Let me say that again, Steph Curry will make more threes than any other 50-40-90 player ever attempted. When Bird scored 29.9 PPG and shot 50-40-90, he attempted 237 threes. Curry is on pace to attempt almost 900!

When it comes to efficiency, the only two 30 PPG scorers to average less than 20 FG Attempts per game were Adrian Dantley and Karl Malone, who both made a living at the Free Throw Line, averaging more than double the free throw attempts that Curry takes. In 2012-13 Kevin Durant scored 28.1 PPG while shooting 23.3% of his shots behind the three-point line. Nowitzki averaged 24.5 PPG while shooting only 12.9% of his shots from three. This season Curry is averaging 30.4 PPG while shooting 54.6% of his shots from three-point land. Oh yeah, he also leads the NBA in field goal percentage in the paint and his 32.6 PER is the best in NBA history.

I know I write about Curry alot, but I cannot believe what he is doing. It is almost like he goes into every game wanting to prove that what he is doing is not a fluke. Last night he scored 51 points on 20 of 27 with 10 threes and another 40 footer. He is simply the greatest shooter and the most skilled basketball player the world has ever seen.

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  1. Yet when I watch the Spurs, I think, that’s a better team, built for multiple championships. I know the Warriors have a better record, but they just look more beatable. Of course I’m writing from the perspective of a Jazz fan.

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