Steph Curry-History in the Making

Steph Curry 1
Photo Credit: USA Today

Steph Curry takes the floor tonight against rookie point guard Emmanuel Mudiay to continue his bid to become the first player to average 5 three pointers, 5 assists, 5 rebounds, and 35 points per game. It’s crazy to think that nobody in the history of basketball has ever put up those measly numbers. Not only is Curry using the three-point shot as a weapon this season, but he is blistering his opponents at a pace that has never been seen before. In this three-point happy league, Curry has made 28 three pointers through his first 5 games, double the number of fellow sharp shooter Kevin Durant had in his first five games this season. Last season Curry hit a record 286 3’s. At his current pace, Curry would make an astounding 459 (if he played in all 82 games). In other words, Curry is shooting at a pace which would break what was said to be an unbreakable record by 173 threes. To illustrate how remarkable that is, you could add Steph’s record-breaking season and add Tracy McGrady’s best 3 point shooting season of his career together to get the projected number Steph is pacing for. He’s also shooting at what would be the 5th highest percentage in a season, ever. So, he is not just chuckin’ up shots at a low percentage to get the record.

In the scoring column, Curry is off to better start after 5 games than any player since Michael Jordan. Only Jordan’s 182 in 1991-92 top Curry’s 179 through 5 games.┬áNow obviously, he’s likely to slow down at some point, but right now nobody knows what to do with this guy. It’s not that teams aren’t trying. Curry’s is averaging 3.2 free throw attempts more per game than last year. Unfortunately for the rest of the league, at the line he’s shooting a blistering 94.5%.

What we are seeing is truly history-in-the-making. I’ve never seen anything like it. And it’s a lot of fun to watch.

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