2015-16 Legend Grows Power Forward Rankings

Putting together these Power Forward rankings reminded me of how deep this position is. The old guard–Duncan, Gasol, Dirk, and Bosh are being replaced by new blood in Davis, Griffin, Aldridge, Love, and Favors. One thing is certain, the Power Forward position is in good hands.

1-Anthony Davis

Davis will likely be on the top of this list for the next decade. His versatility and ability to dominate on both sides of the ball makes him a once-a-decade type talent. There is a reason he was recently voted by the GMs as the top choice to start a franchise with.

2-Blake Griffin

Griffin is much more than a highlight film these days. He has developed a consistent jumper out to 20 feet, has improved on defense, and is now also one of the top passing forwards in the game. He’d average more rebounds if Jordan wasn’t hogging them all.

3-LaMarcus Aldridge

I’m guessing it will take him some time to adjust to his role with the Spurs and the style they want him to play on both sides of the ball, but Aldridge and Leonard will make a scary duo. Aldridge’s weakness is on the defensive side of the ball, which hopefully Pop can address.

4-Kevin Love

The best 3-point shooter at the position and perhaps the best rebounder, Love will be more comfortable in his 2nd year with the Cavs. Lebron saying that Love will be the focal point of the offense is a good sign that Love will return to All-NBA form this year.

5-Derrick Favors

Finally playing up to his huge potential scouts saw when he was drafted, Favors has thrived next to Gobert on defense and gives the Jazz two top-notch rim protectors. On offense, Favors has become a reliable post scorer and his shooting touch has improved each year. Don’t be surprised to see Favors’ name among the league leaders in double-doubles this season.

6-Paul Millsap

As an All-Star the last two seasons and a perfect stretch-4 in the Hawks offense, Millsap has turned himself into one of the league’s top two-way forwards. With 251 steals in the last two seasons, Millsap has also become one of the best ball thieves in the league.

7-Chris Bosh

Now that Bosh is back at the center of the offense (like he was in Toronto) and hopefully healthy after last season’s scare, Bosh will remind people how good he has been for so long. He still has something left in the tank and his outside touch will help him remain effective for a few more years.

8-Pau Gasol

Pau, like Bosh, Duncan, and Dirk is part of the dying generation of dominant Power Forwards, but has been passed by by those younger players on this list. Still, Pau’s ability to block shots and rebound and his offensive versatility keep him on this list.

9-Serge Ibaka

With Westbrook and Durant back on the floor together, Ibaka becomes one of the best 3rd options in the league. His 77 3’s in 64 games last season added a scary aspect to his game. He is the best rim protector at the position not named Davis.

10-Tim Duncan

Duncan edges out Dirk for the final spot on this list. While both are accomplished champions, both have seen their physical tools diminish. Dirk, will still be a valuable 14-18 PPG scorer for the Mavs, but Duncan gets the nod because he can still dramatically affect the game on the defensive end of the floor.



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