2015-16 Legend Grows Point Guard Rankings

Point Guard is the most important position in basketball. They control the flow of the game and often dictate the outcome and it’s tough to win games without a great one. Here are the Legend Grows Rankings for the 10 Point Guards in the league today.

1-Steph Curry, Warriors

The reigning MVP leap-frogged Chris Paul last season as the top point guard in the league. His game-changing 3-point shooting and playmaking skills makes him the top point guard on this list. When I say “game-changing” I am not referring to his ability to change a single game, but rather his ability to shoot off the dribble is literally changing the way players and coaches think about the efficiency of the 3-point shot and how the game of basketball is played. I have not seen a player shoot with so much confidence since the great Larry Bird.

2-Russell Westbrook, Thunder

Westbrook’s performance last year in Durant’s absence was enough for me to put him at number 2 on this list and ahead of Chris Paul. While Paul is the best floor general in the league, Westbrook and his freakish athleticism and heart makes him a more valuable member of his team than Paul is for the Clippers. He joins Lebron as the biggest triple double threat in the league.

3-Chris Paul, Clippers

Paul drops to 3rd in these rankings because of the stellar performances of Curry and Westbrook last season. Paul has a chance to move back up if he can lead his team to the title. Paul is the best pure point guard in the league and I expect him to utilize the Clippers new weapons to have a career year in assists.

4-John Wall, Wizards

If Wall can improve the consistency of his 3-ball, there is no reason why he cannot move up this list. His physical tools put him in an elite category and his vision and passing are second to only Paul. He rivals Paul as the best defender of the group and is my pick to eventually take the torch currently owned by Paul as the best “pure” point guard in the league.

5-Damian Lillard, Blazers

Expect Lillard to have a fantastic year as an individual and a horrific year in team success. The Blazers are replacing 4 starters which means without a doubt, the Blazers are his team. He’ll have as many shots as he wants, but will quickly realize winning is more fun than dropping 25 a night on a bad team. Still, Lillard has proven to be a clutch performer and an excellent playmaker and will only get better.

6-Tony Parker, Spurs

Parker’s best days are behind him, but his understanding of the game and leadership abilities keep him high on this list relative to his diminishing physical tools. He rarely makes mistakes and will be the key to how far the Spurs will go this year.

7-Kyrie Irving, Cavs

Kyrie could move up this list significantly as he continues to develop. His ball handling is already best in the league and his playmaking skills are off the charts. He’s one of the best 3-point shooters on this list, but needs work on the defensive side of the ball.

8-Mike Conley, Grizzlies

Conley is an underrated point guard and his numbers aren’t flashy, but he’s gritty, a tough defender, and as consistent as they come. He has improved his shooting recently and will continue to be a steady influence on that dangerous Grizzlies team that everybody loves to forget about.

9-Eric Bledsoe, Suns

Physically, he’s one of the most gifted on this list, but he’s yet to put it all together. If he can improve the consistency of his jumper, he’ll be lethal. He’s already a better defender than most and has huge upside there. He’s also dynamite in the open floor.

 10-Goran Dragic, Heat

Like his former running mate (Bledsoe), Goran loves to run too which is why he thrived in Phoenix. Now he will have the challenge of pushing tempo on a team that typically likes to slow it down. Dragic has fantastic touch when finishing at the rim and is one of the sneakest and deadly players that his opponents love to underestimate.

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