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As the NBA regular season is set to tip off, football season is in full swing. I thought it would be fun to create a football team comprised of only current NBA players and coaches. I remember Sports Illustrated did this years ago and it was a fun read. NBA athletes are remarkable and I am a firm believer that had they been so inclined to commit to a different sport, many would have been equally successful. The skill players are scary. That said, because basketball players are just not as heavy as NFL linemen, we have a little bit of the Air Force Academy thing going on with our O-Line. Regardless, I believe that these guys are good enough athletes that they could still compete in the trenches. Here’s the team I have put together.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Gregg Popovich, in-game adjustments are key in both sports.

Offensive Coordinator: Steve Kerr, can’t you see Kerr in a head-set talking with his QB?

Defensive Coordinator: Quinn Snyder, top young defensive mind, super intense.


Quarterback- Dwyane Wade 6’4” 220, leadership, poise, speed, and experience.

Running Back- Ty Lawson 5’11” 195, unique combination of speed, power, and vision.

Slot Receiver- John Wall 6’4” 195, speed, speed, size, and speed.

Wideout- Kevin Durant 6’9” 240, jump balls, soft hands, and speed.

Watching this coming across the middle would give linebackers and safeties anxiety.

Wideout- Lebron James 6’8” 250, think Megatron only bigger.

Tight End- Blake Griffin 6’10” 251, Blake would set a new standard for Tight Ends.

Left Tackle- Al Jefferson 6’10” 289, big body, strong hands, great footwork.

Left Guard- Glen Davis 6’8” 289, I’d love to see Big Baby pulling and picking off LBs.

Center- Draymond Green 6’7” 240, captain of the O-line, leader, strong, gritty.

Right Guard- Tyler Hansbrough 6”9” 250, hustler since birth can finally hit legally.

Right Tackle- Nikola Pekovic 6’11” 295, burly big man with great footwork and stance.


Defensive End- Steven Adams 7’0” 250, in football pushing is legal, throw over this guy.

Defensive End- Julius Randle 6’9” 250, super athlete with combo speed and strength.

Defensive Tackle- DeJuan Blair 6’7” 270, low center of gravity for NBA standards, strong.

Defensive Tackle- DeMarcus Cousins 6’11” 270, I see him embracing contact and emotion.

World Peace Flag Football
Snoop Dogg and Metta World Peace at the First Annual Celebrity Flag Football Game in 2013.

Middle Linebacker- Metta World Peace 6’7” 260, scary, screw-loose kind of linebacker.

Strongside Linebacker- DeMarre Carroll 6’8” 212, gritty, tough match-up for tight ends.

Weakside Linebacker- Andre Iguodala 6’6” 215, great instincts and anticipation.

Free Safety- Eric Bledsoe 6’1” 195, freakish athlete with great anticipation skills.

Strong Safety- Tony Allen 6’4” 213, tough defender would surely be big hitter.

Cornerback- Russell Westbrook 6’3” 200, fastest man on the field, lock-down corner.

Robinson started at Washington on a football scholarship, but played only one season before focussing on basketball. His freshman season he played all 13 games, starting the final six as a cornerback, including the Sun Bowl. He intercepted two passes and made 34 tackles.

Cornerback- Nate Robinson 5’9” 180, 4.4 speed! Check out his High School highlight reel here  

Special Teams

Punt Returner- Kyrie Irving 6’3″ 193, elusiveness is the name of the return game.

Kick Returner- Darren Collison 6’0” 160, speed runs in the genes–goes coast-to-coast.

Kick Returner- Jeff Teague 6’2” 180, explosive speed.

Kicker- Kyle Korver 6’7” 210, kicking 3-pointers is similar to shooting them, accuracy.

Punter- J.J. Reddick 6’4” 190, come-on, doesn’t he scream Punter?

Do you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions? Feel free to comment below.

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