Jazz Big Three

Which Team’s Big Three ranks as the NBA’s Best?

With all of the NBA’s marquee free-agents now under contracts with their new teams (I am not counting the possibility of a Russell Westbrook trade), the table is now set on what stands to be one of the most exciting NBA seasons ever. We have never seen an NBA off-season where so many difference-making stars […]

The big Tiger Trout
Fly Fishing

The One that Didn’t Get Away

I have been fly fishing for almost five years now. I’ll never forget my first fish that got away. It was on the upper Provo River near the Murdoch Basin turnoff. Fishing streamers was still new to me and I had fairly light tippet on with my Muddler Minnow. I was casting my line straight […]

Fly Fishing

How did this Happen? Basketball is Not my Favorite Sport Anymore.

Obsession I played and watched basketball all the time. We had a full-court just outside of our house and I had dreams of one day playing for the hometown Utah Jazz. We watched all of the games. My ball went with me most places, I even slept with it. Before my Sophomore year, I set […]


So, What’s Next for the Utah Jazz?

Don’t get me wrong, I love this Utah Jazz team, but I think there will be some changes. Your three pillars are Donovan Mitchell, Joe Ingles, and Rudy Gobert. They set the culture and are the core. But, what beyond that? I thought Ricky Rubio had a relatively good series. I couldn’t have expected better. […]


Spida Mitchell, Future Scoring Champ

Donovan Mitchell is now averaging 23.6 points per game, just ahead of Kyrie Irving for 17th in the league in scoring. None of the top 25 scorers are as inexperienced as the Jazz’s rising star. Just exactly how big of a steal was Donovan Mitchell when the Jazz snagged him 13th overall in last year’s […]