Rookie of the Year Race, The Final Say on Mitchell and Simmons

I recently saw a stat that identified Ben Simmons as just the second player (Oscar Robertson was the first) to accumulate 1,000 points, 600 assists, and 600 rebounds as a rookie, an impressive accomplishment for sure. However, Robertson did have 900 more points than Simmons, was third in the NBA in scoring and led the […]


The Great Debate: Mitchell or Simmons for Rookie of the Year?

The Mitchell vs. Simmons Rookie of the Year debate is coming to a head. When the season started, most experts agreed that this was a particularly deep and talented rookie class, but Simmons was widely viewed as a lock to win the award.  Mitchell was an afterthought as the 13th overall pick. Now, as we […]


Most Hated Teams and Players

I love the Utah Jazz. I was raised watching Stockton and Malone, living and dying with every game. Over the years, I developed some strong feelings about different teams. In this article I have ranked my most hated teams and my most hated player on each team. The order is based on my most hated […]


Lebron has Dethroned Jordan as Basketball King

Lebron James is the greatest player to ever play the game. Yes, the day has come. It happens with all of the greats. A few years ago when die-hard Patriot fans started claiming that Tom Brady was the greatest quarterback ever, the counter to that was that he was not even the greatest quarterback of […]


Who should the Jazz play at Point Guard?

The Jazz’s point guard situation is interesting. Who is the best fit in the Jazz’s offense? How does Mitchell’s emergence as the Jazz’s second building block along side Rudy Gobert, change the direction the Jazz should go at the point guard position? Is Mitchell a point guard or is he better suited as a two? […]


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