We’re Looking at the GOAT Debate All Wrong

Thursday night, Lebron James continued to play at a legendary level by posting his record-tying eighth 40-point game in these Playoffs with his masterful 51-point-8-rebound-8-assist Game 1 in this year’s NBA Finals. Facebook and Twitter feeds have been flooded with the never-ending debate of whether Lebron has overtaken Michael Jordan as the GOAT, the greatest […]


Rookie of the Year Race, The Final Say on Mitchell and Simmons

I recently saw a stat that identified Ben Simmons as just the second player (Oscar Robertson was the first) to accumulate 1,000 points, 600 assists, and 600 rebounds as a rookie, an impressive accomplishment for sure. However, Robertson did have 900 more points than Simmons, was third in the NBA in scoring and led the […]


The Great Debate: Mitchell or Simmons for Rookie of the Year?

The Mitchell vs. Simmons Rookie of the Year debate is coming to a head. When the season started, most experts agreed that this was a particularly deep and talented rookie class, but Simmons was widely viewed as a lock to win the award.  Mitchell was an afterthought as the 13th overall pick. Now, as we […]


Most Hated Teams and Players

I love the Utah Jazz. I was raised watching Stockton and Malone, living and dying with every game. Over the years, I developed some strong feelings about different teams. In this article I have ranked my most hated teams and my most hated player on each team. The order is based on my most hated […]


Lebron has Dethroned Jordan as Basketball King

Lebron James is the greatest player to ever play the game. Yes, the day has come. It happens with all of the greats. A few years ago when die-hard Patriot fans started claiming that Tom Brady was the greatest quarterback ever, the counter to that was that he was not even the greatest quarterback of […]


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