Worst Players with Number Retired

The Los Angeles Lakers just announced that they will be doing something that has never been done before–retiring two jersey numbers for a single player. If anyone is deserving in this modern NBA era of having two numbers in the rafters it’s Bryant. There is no question that Kobe is deserving. He won 5 championships […]


Legend Grows 2017-18 NBA Season Preview

Soon the wildest off-season in NBA history will come to an end. Seven All-Stars switched teams including Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas, Gordon Hayward, Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Paul Millsap, and Chris Paul (I realize Paul was snubbed last year, but I’m counting him as an All-Star) and that doesn’t count former MVP, Derrick Rose, or […]

Kyrie the dominant offensive player

Kyrie Trade: The Rare Trade Where Everyone Wins

Well, it’s done. Kyrie Irving is a member of the Boston Celtics and Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and the Brooklyn Nets 2018 1st round pick are all now headed to Cleveland. Whatever happened to not trading players within the conference, or worse, to a rival? Danny Ainge has not been known to allow […]

Would you Rather

Would you Rather 2nd Edition…

My first Would You Rather article was very popular, so I figured that I would give another set of would you rather scenarios this offseason since there isn’t much to write about right now. So here goes…. Would you rather, stay in one city, with one franchise your entire career, enjoy some individual honors and […]

NBA star Hayward would be the next in a line of talented players to leave a small market team in favor of a potential super team.

Gordon, It’s Okay…You can go.

Dear Gordon, When last I wrote you, I tried to convince you to stay in Utah. Really when it came down to it, I was begging you to stay in Utah out of my selfishness and begging for a delusional sense of loyalty. Really those are the only reasons I can point to as to […]


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