No one will be breaking Stockton's record.
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Why John Stockton is the Most Unique Player to Ever Play the Game

John Stockton played his 1,204th and final NBA game on April 16, 2003 in Sacramento, California. He was checked out of the game, received a standing ovation from the visiting crowd, and quietly retired. There was no press conference, no farewell tour, no season long distraction or speculation as to what John would do after […]


Statistically Elite

  What players are statistically elite? Last season, Steph Curry had an amazing season, one of the finest ever, and barely enters the conversation of the statistically elite. In looking at the most statistically dominant players to have ever played in the league, here are a few I found interesting. PPG– Wilt has registered 5 […]


Are Today’s NBA Players Soft?

I recently played in a High School Alumni basketball tournament. We played 4 games in a 24 hour period. Luckily we didn’t have to play through the Consolation Bracket, where the team we met in the championship game was playing its 6th game in 24 hours. By the final game, both teams were physically spent. […]


Lebron is Tanking

Lebron is tanking and it could cost the Cavs a return trip to the Finals, and that’s exactly what Lebron is hoping for. In an interview released earlier this week, Lebron said he would take a pay cut to play with Melo, CP3, and Wade and explained how he would love to do that before he’s […]