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Up to this point, I have posted blog articles on Facebook and done nothing more to promote the Legend Grows logo and brand. In reality, this blog is only a place holder for a project I have been working on with my amazing team for a couple of years. All of the Legend Grows team members have full-time jobs and have been working on this project without pay. It has been a slow process, but we have learned a lot along the way and developed something really unique and exciting. I wanted to introduce you all to the concept.

Kevin Young’s defense on me inspired the Legend Grows concept.

The idea first came to me in December of 2012, when I was dominated in a company basketball league game by Kevin Young. Kevin is now an assistant coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, but at the time I knew him only for his excellent footwork, balance, strength, perimeter defense, range, and lateral quickness. To that point in the season I had averaged over 20 points per game and my team was undefeated. After Kevin and his team were done with us, I had been shut down and we had lost big. I left the gym feeling thoroughly beaten and thought to myself, I wish there was a place online that I could tell the world just how good Kevin Young was. I was thinking of a place where athletes could give an on-line “tip of the cap.” The concept of Legend Grows was born. I sat on the idea for a couple of years waiting for someone else to build this thing. After getting tired of waiting, I decided to go for it.

Legend Grows is the first social media platform created by athletes for athletes. Create your free on-line profile, add players to your roster (connect with your friends), and give skill-based “Props” to everyone you play with and against. Choose from hundreds of skills and tell others what they are good at. If you are any good, you will receive your own Props for any of the hundreds of skills for your sport, you can watch as the various category bubbles (Offense, Defense, General Skills, and Intangibles for Basketball) on your profile page increase in size. Everyone will see what type of player you are, as your Legend literally Grows.


Creating your profile
A Legend Grows profile is your opportunity to brand and promote yourself as an athlete, regardless of your skill or competitive level. Play, engage, and build your on-line reputation.
Building your roster

Connect with teammates, opponents, coaches, recruiters, and fans. Give others Props for their skills and discover what others think your best skills are. Share highlights, stats, photos, video, scouting reports, and articles. Connect your Legend Grows profile with other athletes, coaches, and recruiters to gain more recognition and build your personal brand.

And growing your skills

Legend Grows is not just a social media app designed to connect athletes, it is a tool designed to showcase your hard work and talent. When you improve your game, others are sure to notice and give you Props. Every player’s Top 10 Skills will be displayed prominently on the player’s profile page, giving a built-in scouting report for every player on the platform. Scouts and recruiters will be able to easily find players that fit the profile they are looking for. A platform like this creates all kinds of possibilities.

Like all social platforms, for you to have the best experience possible, your friends, teammates, the guys you play against in your leagues or at the gym, all of them need to be active on the site as well. The Legend Grows Team has many amazing ideas for what this platform can become in the future, but we need your help to get it to take off. If you like the idea of capturing your athletic talents on a platform designed for athletes, please share and invite others to join. Do you like the idea of being able to scout opponents before your high school, rec league, AAU, church ball, or even pick-up games? Do you like the idea of getting an analytic comparison to what pro you play most like? Do you like the idea of creating a record for your posterity as to what type of player you were when you were younger according to those you played with and against? Are you a young player who likes the idea of being recruited globally for your sport regardless of where you live? Now you can be discovered online with crowd-sourced peer-to-peer validation. Legend Grows will change the world of sports with social media and we are asking for your help.

So far will are launching only basketball in the Apple App Store, but we have already teed up football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, triathlon, cross-fit, and softball, with many more sports in the process of being completed. Eventually, the Legend Grows platform will have something for everyone and you will be among the first to have the app.

Thank you for your help in spreading the word about our exciting project. The LegendGrows app is now available in the Apple App Store. Be sure to share this link with anyone you think would be interested in this app.


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