2015-16 Legend Grows 2-Guard Rankings

The 2-Guard is typically viewed as a scoring position, but is also a position full of two-way stars and defensive specialists. This position was the easiest to determine who was at the top of the food chain. Here is my list of Top 10 2-Guards:

1-James Harden

The easiest of all of the #1’s at their given positions, Harden is clearly the top 2-Guard in the NBA today. Harden had a career year last year and almost single-handedly took the Rockets to the Finals despite injuries to key players. His ability to create his own shot and draw fouls is second to none.

2-Klay Thompson

Everyone knows about his explosiveness on offense, especially when he gets it going from deep, but it’s not just his shooting, but Thompson’s underrated defense that pushes him to #2 on this list. Thompson is strong enough to guard small forwards¬†and has good enough feet to guard either guard position, which is a huge luxury to the top-rated Warrior defense.

3-Jimmy Butler

Time will tell if the Bulls are Derrick Rose’s team or Butler’s, but if I had a teammate admittedly seeing double, I wouldn’t be too happy if he was taking 8 more shots than the next guy. Butler is a legitimate All-Star on both sides of the ball.

4-Dwyane Wade

Wade still has something left in the tank. While he and Lebron came into the league the same year, Wade has played 131 games and 7,500 minutes fewer than Lebron. If Wade is healthy, his body has less wear-and-tear than his buddy and may have one of his better seasons now that he is once again a focus point of the Heat offense.

5-Gordon Hayward

Hayward took a leap last season into one of the top young wings in the league. With averages of 19.3 PPG, 4.9 RPG, and 4.1 APG he was the only player averaging 19/4/4 not on the all-star team last year. With a slight bump in those averages and a little team success, Hayward should join them this year.

6-DeMar DeRosan

The Raps consistently fly under the radar in the north-country, but DeRosan has back-to-back 20PPG seasons and only his efficiency (41.3% FG and 28.4 3%) hold him back from being even better.

7-Victor Oladipo

At 17.9 PPG, 4.2 RPG, and 4.1 APG last season, he has the opportunity to be pretty special. He improved in almost every statistical category in year 2 over year 1 and is the leader of the young Magic core. His athleticism makes him fun to watch on defense and in the open floor.

8-Kobe Bryant

Though no longer the best 2-guard in the league like he was for a decade or more, Kobe is still in the Top 10 at this position almost purely because of his scoring ability and will to win. His competitiveness will help a young Lakers team figure out what it takes to win, but it will likely take some time.

9-Tyreke Evans

Averages of 16.6 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 6.6 APG are impressive averages for a 2-guard. Coming off knee surgery, he will need to get back to where he was last year, but if he can do that, Tyreke could rise several knotches on this list.

10-Kyle Korver

An All-Star last season, Korver has become one of the greatest marksmen in NBA history. His effective Field Goal percentage was a balmy 67.1% and he shot 49.2% from 3! Normally it’s tough for a specialist to make a list like this, but for those numbers, I’ll make an exception.

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